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Sunday, 11 December 2016


After the excellent reception of Ruth's first novel, "The Shaping of Water", the second one is about to be published. It is called "The Tin Heart Gold Mine" and is due for publication in mid-January, although we expect to have copies here in a week's time.

It will be available in hard copy and Kindle from Amazon and from bookshops and in it "Heart of Darkness" and “Lust for Life” collide as the Cold War in Africa gets hot. Lara, the artist, loves both Oscar, a suave, older entrepreneur, and owner of the Tin Heart Gold Mine and Tim, a journalist seeking truth. This is a dramatic story, about vibrant, intriguing characters passionate about art, love, the making of money and the African bush, whose lives become entangled in war and politics.

Here’s what to look for:-